Why Allstars?

AllStars United Education Foundation provides services for children that result in the building of a compelling college portfolio for the star in every boy and girl. We believe mastery is a journey of continuous improvement. Our mission is to provide a path for every child that leads not only to high performance in academics, arts and sports, but also to the continuous development of the following six Habits of the Mind, or Habits of Mind as they are often called.

Think critically. Ask questions and use evidence to describe and support claims. Be flexible and innovative to design solutions to complex problems. Reflect and critique ideas.

Learn continuously. Develop strong foundational skills to master significant content. Make mistakes. Build on knowledge and apply to new situations.

Work intentionally. Be self-directed and persistent. Manage impulsivity and set goals. Strive for accuracy and apply effort to continuously improve. Take risks and create beautiful work.

Communicate effectively. Speak and write with clarity. Actively listen. Know your audience, understand the purpose, and choose precise language. Incorporate media to enhance ideas.

Collaborate constructively. Take responsibility for yourself and your team. Listen with empathy and understanding, with a commitment to shared success. Give and receive feedback.

Contribute globally. Apply your work to real work situations to serve an authentic purpose. Be empowered to make a difference. Recognize your place in the community.

We are a Non-Profit organization

AllStars United is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation. 100% of all donations to Allstars United are donated to programs in the Evergreen School District, San Jose, California. We do not use ANY portion of a donation for administrative or other purposes.