1. Go to the website:
  2. Print the Fingerprinting Form
  3. Follow the directions before to fill the Fingerprinting Form
    1. In Section 5, enter your name with LAST NAME, FIRST NAME, MIDDLE INITIAL
      1. Example, BELLAM, MADAN, M
    2. In Section 5, fill out the DOB, Sex, Height, Weight, Eye Color, Hair Color
    3. In Section 5, POB is Place of Birth, enter as INDIA or whichever country you were born in
    4. In Section 5, SOC is your Social Security Number
  4. Take the completed Fingerprinting Form to the following location:
    1. Postal Annex #12011
    2. 3277 South White Road
    3. San Jose, CA 95148
    4. Ph: 408-247-1453

You can Walk-In Any Time

They are open Mon-Fri 9AM to 6PM, Sat 10AM to 4PM

They will take your fingerprints.

They will charge you about $99 and you can pay there with a credit card.

They will give you a receipt and the Fingerprinting Form back.

Email a picture of your fingerprinting form and the $99 receipt to

The $99 you spend for the fingerprinting process is refunded back to you through Zelle directly to your Bank Account. In the email please include the following so that we can do the refund properly:

  • Your registered Zelle phone number and full name for that account

We will be sending the refund to that Zelle account.

Fingerprinting Form

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Fingerprinting Form-Allstars”]